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We believe in the power of exploring, and we are here to help explorers find their true companions – bicycles. The road is endless, and with so much to uncover. It’s our pleasure to assist you with the safest and most secure bikes, be it for those daily errands or sudden long wanderings. We’ve got it all covered here. CYC.CLIC specializes in providing premium quality stylish and sporty Stryder and Contino bicycles made for comfort and ease, bearing in mind the importance of inclusivity in terms of age, purpose and functioning. We uphold the reputation of breaking barriers and boundaries, with nothing to limit the lengths we are all destined to go. Since the past year, being faced with restrictions, there is a higher need to be free and traverse more than ever. Our bikes and accessories are made in collaboration with international designs according to the highest quality and safety standards. Read More


Stryder is a premium bicycle brand which was custom built to suit the Indian terrain. Built with adherence to the strictest quality standards and specifications, Stryder bicycles match world standards. Read More